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Play From The Fairway

March 13th, 2019

PGA Junior Golf Camps is pleased to welcome Todd Heugly as a new camp director this year. Todd is a member of the Utah PGA Section, founder of The Wasatch Golf Academy, and the Head PGA Professional at Crane Field Golf Course.

After a great day on the lesson tee, I decided to go play a few holes, after all I had an hour of daylight left. With the early summer sun setting to my back I tee'd up my ball and hit a great drive right down the middle of the fairway. An onlooker said, "Great shot! Golf has to be easier from the fairway." I thanked him put my clubs over my shoulder and started walking down the fairway towards my ball. As I was walking I thought to myself, "Golf is easier from the fairway, I should adopt that approach to my daily life as well."  I remember that moment like it was yesterday. After 40 years my life had complete clarity and a purpose. Not only improve my students golf games, but let them know how this can carry over into their day to day activities. That moment created my life's motto and I have lived my life by it ever since.


My students have embraced my motto "Play golf and live life from the fairway." They began putting an emphasis on precision and accuracy over distance. Distance is only an asset if it is accurate and can be controlled. They started shooting lower scores and enjoying the game more. That joy and confidence carried over into their day to day lives and they began living from the fairway.

They began eliminating what we called the rough.

  • Self doubt
  • Toxic people
  • Procrastination
  • Unnecessary arguments
  • Too much social media  
  • Not exercising
  • Unhealthy food
  • Arrogance
  • and more


There are so many parallels between the game of golf and life that we can learn about life on the course and golf off the course. I want you to "Play golf and live life from the fairway."

To learn more about Todd Heugly, check out The Wasatch Golf Academy and don’t forget to register for his PGA Junior Golf Camp dates!

“You Coach a Child, Not a Sport!”

March 8th, 2019

John O’Sullivan is a best selling author, professional speaker, and founder of the Changing the Game Project. John’s insight and solutions to the issues that youth sports are currently facing makes him a leader in the industry. Read on to learn more about John and listen to his podcast with Dr. Martin Toms.

Every week, we have some amazing conversations with some of the leading voices in sport throughout the world, This week was no different. We had the opportunity to interview Dr. Martin Toms, a Sport Sociologist and Ethnographer from the university of Birmingham in the UK. Dr. Toms has heavily influenced our work through his philosophy "You Coach a Child, not a Sport."


Among our talking points we spoke about the relative age effect, the futility of early talent identification, and how much culture impacts sport performance:

Dr. Toms: "I have spent much of my career and many of my Twitter posts (as well as previous blog posts) arguing that sports (including National Governing Bodies and coaches) seem to spend a huge amount of time and effort (not to mention money) focusing on sports performance and ability/talent by using Physiological and Psychological constructs to improve the performance of those already playing sport. Whilst I have no problem with the use of Sports Science here, such a one dimensional approach often forgets the ‘person’ and their upbringing and cultural history – which clearly can and does have an effect on their sporting choices. They are people not just bodies after all.”

Dr. Toms: “People making decisions about young people and talent are in reality making arbitrary and subjective decisions on where these people are ‘now’. So whilst they may be elite at 14, there is little chance of them being elite as an adult. So why is there such pressure to identify and push people rather than allow them to play sport and develop themselves.”

Tech Vs Golf

February 27th, 2019

Justin Saragueta is the Director of Golf and PGA Junior Golf Camps at The Saticoy Club in Somis, California.

In today’s tech oriented society, it’s harder than ever to shift our kid’s attention away from screens. For many of today’s youth, the fun of outdoor activities is often overshadowed by sophisticated cell phones, computers and iPads.  Are we finding the right activities for our children to lure them away from the high tech world?

How can we incorporate the old adage of mind, body and soul into one activity?  What can we use to entice our children with technology and the outdoors? My, of course!

The benefits of the game of golf are endless. The mind is challenged constantly during a round of golf. How strong is the wind actually blowing? Do you lay up or just go for it? Is it a hard 6 iron or a soft 5? Did I add my score correctly or did I actually shoot a 38 not 39?

Then there are the times the soul is challenged and the true character of one’s self is revealed. Did I hit my ball on purpose? Will I call that penalty on myself? Will your child start treating his or her competitors with grace and respect in defeat as well as victory?

What about the body? How can we get our kids to move and work harder than their tech gadgets?  On the golf course all our juniors walk. Some with electrical carts that help carry their bags but they are moving up and down gently rolling hills nonetheless. At times the kids will be out there for hours on end.

And then there is the social aspect of today’s tech world. Emojis seem to speak more than we do. We text, we don’t talk. By socializing our children in an environment which teaches respect, character and manners; we can encourage positive traits that will last a lifetime!   

In my opinion, golf offers the best of both worlds. I have been blessed to be the Director of Golf at the Saticoy Club here in sunny Somis California. Knowing the importance of reaching children, we have incorporated the tech world within our instruction, camps and clinics. I allow my kids to get on and play with Trackman- a radar based system that tracks all aspects of ball flight, swing plan and swing path. We let our kids video themselves allowing the capability to draw smiley faces, lines and stars on each other while they are up on screen hitting shots. We download apps and send email recaps which allow our young students to map out and track their progress through their playing and instructional paths.  The point being- it’s not always about the game but about getting kids to first and foremost just want to come to the course because it’s fun! Think outside the box. Stimulate our youth mentally, physically and emotionally. You will watch your child grow in ways that will make you proud while your child is simply just having a great time!

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Justin Saragueta, PGA | Director of Golf | The Saticoy Club

Why Every Camper Should Play High School Golf

February 26th, 2019

For junior golfers everywhere, golf camps are a great opportunity to receive world-class instruction, learn about the game and have fun with their friends.  As many approach high school, decisions are made on what sports and activities to take part in. There are over 222,000 high school golfers that compete nationally each year. On top of that, there are opportunities for every high school golfer to play golf in college. Below highlights just a few reasons why every junior should play high school golf.

Team-Based Competition

Golf is widely thought of as an individual sport, and in many respects, this is true. However, high school golf provides a junior an opportunity to compete in a team atmosphere and create bonds with teammates and coaches. With the exception of PGA Junior Leagues, almost all junior and amateur golf are exclusively individual when it comes to competition. In high school, a junior is able to not only compete for themselves but their school as well.

Local, Regional, State and National Tournaments

As a high school golfer, you have the chance to play in local, regional, state, and even national events. Imagine playing locally and even on a national scale. In 2019, the NHSGA is hosting the High School Golf National Invitational in Orlando, Florida where 348 of the top high school golfers will compete for a national title. This event will be held on a yearly basis in conjunction with national junior golf organizations to help elevate high school golfers to the national stage, celebrating and recognizing their play.

Representation of school

Not just the football team at a high school can get all the love when it comes to school spirit or pride. High school golfers are playing for the name on their bag and the mascot on their shirt, giving a sense of belonging that is not felt in a typical junior event. Only 7% of high school golfers go onto play at any varsity level in college, so high school golf could be the only opportunity for some to represent their school.

Preparation for college golf

Every high school golfer can play golf in college. Whether you are looking to get an NCAA scholarship or play club golf with the National Collegiate Club Golf Association (NCCGA), high school golf will help you get prepared to play in college. Since most golfers cannot play varsity, the NCCGA provides a competitive playing opportunity for any boy or girl who does not compete on the varsity team at their college. Whether you shoot 65 or 125, all swings are welcome.

If you are interested in learning more about topics surrounding the high school golf, be sure to check out the NHSGA’s high school golf news.

The Saticoy Club Crowns American Junior Golf Association Tournament Champion

February 25th, 2019

Hosted by LPGA Tour player Shanshan Feng and featuring 72 of the best female junior golfers from around the world, the AJGA’s tournament season is fully underway and University of Southern California commit Brianna Navarrosa from San Diego showcased a dominant victory over the tournament's weekend winning by a strong 12 strokes.  



The 2017 U.S. Girls’ Junior Champion and Duke University signee Erica Shepard finished second with after posting four birdies on the back nine to achieve the second-lowest round of the tournament.


Third place belonged to University of Washington commit Camille Boyd from Shanghai, China.  


One of six all-girls invitationals on the AJGA tournament schedule, the champion has the unique opportunity to earn an exemption into a professional event. This year's champion will earn an exemption into the Symetra Tour's 2019 IOA Championship being held in Beaumont, California.


Located in sunny Ventura County in Southern California, The Saticoy Club was founded in 1921 and has played host to a variety of tournaments and events including multiple U.S.G.A. Championship Qualifiers and SCGA Amateur Championships.



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