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"I can’t think of a more exciting time for women in sports."

July 18th, 2019

Victoria Elizabeth is the camp director at TPC River’s Bend located outside of Cincinnati in Maineville, Ohio. As a lifelong golfer who has experienced play on the largest stages in junior golf all the way to winning LPGA events, Victoria is dedicated to passing along the game of golf to the next generation of female golfers. 

With Team USA’s recent win in the Women’s World Cup of soccer, I can’t think of a more exciting time for women in sports. I find it amazing that so many Women’s Golf Scholarships go unused, actually the most of any sport.  According to The National College Athletic Assn. (NCAA), every year 200 college golf scholarships for young women go unclaimed. Too few girls compete in the sport to qualify for these scholarships, which means many young women are missing an opportunity that could make all the difference to their education, their income and their future.


 My path to a golf career was not traditional, as I moved to Florida at the age of 12 to attend IMG academy for both golf and tennis, soon focusing my efforts on golf.   As such I was able to play in countless junior tournaments and had the good fortune of working with incredible coaches. I was online homeschooled and my days were dedicated to practicing and working out. I traveled across the US to play on the AJGA, FCWT and many other junior tours. I reached 3rd in the Golfweek Junior Girls Rankings before qualifying to play on the Symetra Tour at age 16, foregoing college and turning professional at 17. I went on to play 4 seasons on the Symetra Tour before earning my way onto the LPGA tour where I would play another 4 seasons with my last being in 2016.

The skills developed while playing golf have translated into amazing opportunities off the course. Golf teaches us so many lessons about personal character, integrity, work ethic, respect for the rules, honesty with our self and others, skills we don’t realize we are developing, but that translate into highly desirable traits among humans and employers alike. Sure, if you want to go to college, there are many opportunities to get a scholarship, develop life long besties, and obtain your degree while playing the game. It is a great way to get your degree. Employers appreciate seeing college athletes come through their ranks who have an excellent work ethic and personal goals/drive. It also helps to have a strong player on staff for those corporate golf events! I embraced the entrepreneurial aspects of the golf industry and am building my own teaching business. Golf is so much more than we give it credit for. Some people are not as dedicated to the sport as I am, and I have found a way to align my passion and career, so I feel extremely blessed. Being an ambassador of the sport has always been part of who I am. The business of golf includes so many different things, player, teacher, general manager, sales representative, club fitter, technical aspects such as software for training and course management… and much more. 


You don’t have to be a tour level player to work in the industry. Being great at golf is hard work, there is no question about it. But I encourage everyone to play. It is a rewarding and enjoyable sport that can be played alone, with family, spouse, kids, friends, or total strangers. You can be as good as you want, or just capable of making contact with the ball. To parents, my advice is to keep it fun for the kids. Some won’t want to practice for hours a day like I did, and that is okay. Sometimes just going to the putting green for 15 or 20 minutes is time well spent, for skill development and having time with them developing a love of the game. Having structure is really important for consistent development, such as a practice plan which I put together for my students, ask your children’s coach, or reach out to me for some ideas! Keep it in the short grass and HAVE FUN!


Interested in getting your junior golfer registered for a PGA Junior Golf Camp? Click here to see the camp dates led by Victoria or click here for a full list of the over 140 camp locations!

PGA Junior Golf Camps in the Spotlight

July 16th, 2019

As the PGA Tour rolls on, you might recognize some locations that run PGA Junior Golf Camps. Imagine the excitement your junior golfer would feel when they see the same championship level course that they have played on showcased on TV. Here’s a list of tour locations that also run golf camps!

Silverado Resort and Spa - Host of the Safeway Open

Image result for silverado resort napa golf



Tiburón Golf Club - Host of the QBE Shootout

Image result for qbe shootout



TPC San Antonio - Valero Texas Open

Image result for tpc san antonio pga tour



TPC Twin Cities - Host of the 3M Open

Image result for 3m open


TPC Deere Run - Host of the John Deere ClassicImage



Whistling Straits - Home of the 2020 Ryder Cup!

Image result for whistling straits



TPC Harding Park  - Home of the 2020 PGA Championship!

Image result for tpc harding park



TPC Stonebrae - Host of the Ellie Mae Classic

Image result for tpc stonebrae



Casa De Campo - Host of the Latin America Amateur Chamionship

Image result for Casa de Campo golf course


TPC Sugarloaf - Host of the Mitsubishi Electric Classic Tournament

Image result for mitsubishi electric classic golf



TPC Las Vegas

Image result for tpc las vegas


TPC Southwind - Host of the World Golf Championships

Image result for tpc southwind tournament



Chambers Bay - Host of the USGA Championships

Image result for chambers bay usga

Have you Heard the News? The Reviews are In!

June 26th, 2019


Ever wonder what a PGA Junior Golf Camp actually looks like while it’s running? Local television station KHOU in Houston headed over to Sweetwater Country Club in Texas to speak with the PGA Professionals running the camp and see the skill improvement of the junior golfers. 


Check out the video by clicking the link below:



We are constantly looking for feedback from junior golfers and their parents regarding PGA Junior Golf Camps. A mom of a recent camper who had a fantastic camp experience sent in this review:

Hello, my two sons just finished up their camp this week at Cinnabar Hills and I wanted to share what an awesome experience it was. Bill and Don are class acts, and I could not have asked for a better set of instructors for my kids. The facilities were wonderful, everyone was welcoming and friendly, and my oldest son William said “I’ll never forget this place because it’s where I got inspired to be a great player.” You can’t be happier as a parent than to hear something like that from your 7 year old. 

We will definitely be back next year! Thanks for putting on a great camp! 

We hope you join us for golf camp this summer and have as much fun as William did! Learn more at

Win a Week of Golf Camp!

June 26th, 2019


Summer is the best time of the year. To celebrate July 4th, register for a camp running the week of July 1-5 and receive 10% off! Choose from the following camp locations:

 David Ogrin Golf Academy

Don Law Golf Academy at Osprey Point

Don Law Golf Academy at Martin County Golf Course

Royal Isabela Golf Club

Windy Hill Sports Complex

Use promo code USA2019 to redeem. Register today!

(Offer expires 7/6, not applicable to past camp registrations)


Summer is in full swing and we want to see your best photos from golf camp! Be sure to tag us and you could win a free hald day camp session!

Show off that improved golf swing, sinking a long putt, new camp friends or PGA camp swag and we will pick a winner at random to receive a golf camp credit to use on a future camp! 

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Check out these photos from camp so far this summer!

Three Tips to Tune-Up for Summer Golf

June 24th, 2019

It’s time to help your child tune-up their game for the exciting months to come as they venture back onto the course for an upcoming PGA Junior Golf Camp, school tournament or a casual round with friends. However, they’ve likely been cooped-up inside or focused on other sports in the off-season, which means getting back into the game might require a slight transition.

That’s why we’ve asked PGA Junior Golf Camps Co-Director, Ryan Smith, PGA to help us get ready for the upcoming golf season. Ryan has been recognized by U.S. Kids Golf as a Top 50 Kids Teacher for the past two years, so he knows how to help junior golfers get back into the game.

Here are three of Ryan’s top tips that your child can utilize to shake-off the rust from a long layoff and have their best season yet!

Focus on the FUNdamentals

Even though your child may have gripped a golf club thousands of times, a refresher on one of the swing’s most important components is always important.

“A good grip is the first step to controlling the clubface,” says Smith. “If we learn to control the clubface, we learn to control the ball… and we have more FUN!”

So, what should your child think about when they grip the club for the first time in a few months?

“Place the heel pad of your lead hand (left hand for righties and right hand for lefties) on the top of your grip, and wrap the last three fingers of your lead hand around the club, with the thumb on top,” says Smith. “That will help lock the club into place and control it. Finally, use your trail hand to cover up that lead hand thumb and keep both hands close together. Make sure to keep an eye on this grip every day!”

Movin’ on up

It’s easy for your child to over-swing when they’re getting back on course for the first time in a while – they’re excited and want to swing faster, hit the ball farther and see results quickly! But doing too much, too soon can wear your child out before summer arrives and their PGA Junior Golf Camp begins.

“Although it may seem like playing a lot will be the best way to build on improvements made last year, it can really actually hinder your confidence,” adds Smith. “You focus on too many things at once, overthink, overplay and eventually burn out.”

Instead, encourage your child to experiment with other formats than a full 18-hole round. Consider just playing 9-holes at a time or starting each hole from 25 to 50 yards away with a focus on the short game and recapturing their feel.

“Once you can shoot low scores or feel your swing returning, move back to 100-150 yards,” says Smith. “Then 200 yards, and, finally, the actual tee box. By building on the little things each week, you’ll avoid the early season burnout. Why? Because by the time you’ve reached the tee box, you’ll have covered all aspects of improvement and still be mentally fresh to play your best golf.”

Leave the Driver in the Bag 

It may be tempting to take out the “big dog” and rip a few drivers on the range, but Smith says to instead focus on two other aspects of your game: feel and touch.

“Concentrate your first few practice sessions on and around the greens, and work on the touch and feel shots for better distance control with your putter and chipping clubs,” he adds. “Those types of shots are often overlooked after a long layoff and require some extra polishing before the season starts. Not to worry… your driver will still be there and a summer full of fairways await!”


Ryan Smith, PGA, is a Teaching Professional at the Marc LaPointe Golf Academy and a Camp Co-Director for PGA Junior Golf Camps at Springfield Golf Club in South Carolina. You can learn more about PGA Junior Golf Camps, held at more than 140 facilities nationwide throughout the summer, by visiting

Here's How This Golf Facility Beats the Desert Heat

May 30th, 2019

Maybe you think a golf camp isn't a good idea in the Summer heat. Well think again! When temperatures in the Arizona desert creep into the 100’s, many golfers cut their day short and head to the pro shop. Like a mirage in the distance, The Legacy Golf Performance Center offers a unique combination of golf technology and indoor practice options that junior golfers are sure to love.


Featuring 5 indoor hitting bays outfitted with the best and latest in golf technology, golfers of all ages are able to avoid the scorching sun while continuing to hone their skills.


Image result for jeremy anderson legacy golf

Led by PGA Professional Jeremy Anderson, junior golfers will learn from the best! Known as the guru of golf swing Jeremy is a six time Nominee for Illinois PGA Teacher of the Year and has had students qualify for USGA events, get scholarships and win college tournaments! His mantra to his students is that 'If you outwork everyone your only opponent is the moment.


The Legacy Golf Performance Center uses the most advanced golf technology as necessary to give each golfer verifiable feedback. The cutting-edge technologies provides junior golfers with a “tour quality” training environment and accelerates the learning process.


Image result for legacy golf resort

The golf technology used at Legacy will give a greater understanding of how the golfer’s body moves throughout the swing, as you are able to view your golf swing in 3D and from 4 camera views with bio-feedback. Training with 3D animation enhances every golfers learning experience. The visual and audio feedback enables the student to concentrate on their golf swing thoughts and changes while at the same time determining if they are in the right position and practicing the correct positions.

Interested in registering you junior golfer for camp at Legacy Golf Performance Center or one of the other 140 camp locations? Click here!

Give Your Child the Gift of Golf This Summer

May 30th, 2019

When summer rolls around, Amber Shimel of lets her kids pick what type of summer camp they want to attend. Her oldest son chose to tee off at golf camp! PGA Junior Golf Camps are held at more than 140 facilities nationwide throughout the summer and are led by PGA Professionals. Read more about her experience below and why it's a great idea to give your child the game that lasts a lifetime!

How many different sports and activities have your children tried? If you’re like us, you’ve tried quite a few! But even though we’ve tried so many different sports and activities, I’m always open to them developing more skills! And summer is the perfect time to explore new things. In our family, we let each child pick one summer day camp each year. They can choose theater camp, soccer camp; one year a child picked circus camp! I try to let them be as creative as possible and choose something that really appeals to them. If it’s at all possible, I try to make their choice happen. And this summer, my oldest son has chosen golf camp!

PGA Junior Golf summer camp


PGA Junior Golf summer camp


My son loves to golf, but has never done so competitively. He’s done several recreational programs off and on. Also, my husband and my sons often golf on vacation as the perfect guys bonding time. It’s something they all really enjoy doing together!

PGA Junior Golf summer camp


PGA Junior Golf summer camp


“Golf is a lifetime sport.” I’d heard people say that often growing up. But I never really understood what it meant until after I got out of college and stopped playing collegiate sports. It was really disappointing when I couldn’t easily play a game of competitive indoor volleyball like I’d done for years. My husband felt the same way about baseball. Although team sports are great, they are really hard to continue as an adult. Also, they can be really hard on your aging body. “Lifetime sports” like golf and tennis, can be played later in life, and are done in a more social setting. So whether or not your child will turn into Tiger Woods, golf is a wonderful skill to learn. Feeling comfortable on the golf course is a gift to give your child that will carry them through their lifetime.

PGA junior golf


Living in Orlando, there are lots of options for golf! We drive by many courses pretty much anytime we are out and about. But sometimes, it can be hard to know how to get into golf. But it’s actually pretty easy! Did you know your child could participate in a PGA Junior Golf Camp this summer? And probably at a course close to your home! Here in Orlando, there are two PGA Junior Golf Camp locations. One is located at Wekiva Golf Club, and the other is at Orange County National golf course. Check out this description of what your child can expect at camp:

- Action-packed camps include hands-on instruction led by certified PGA Professionals.

- Signature PGA camp curriculum focuses on developing golf skills (full swing, short game, rules and etiquette) while keeping the experience fun and engaging (games and activities).

- A fun, safe and educational environment designed with your child’s well being in mind.

- Low student to instructor ratio (approximately 6:1)

There are half day and full day camps available, as well as a special week of Girl Power Camp! There are also advanced/high school camps for those wanting more specialized instruction.

PGA Junior Golf summer camp


I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for ways to wear out my kids, especially with my oldest son! And after a full day at golf camp, he will sleep well, be off electronics for the entire day, and develop a lifetime skill. It’s a total win for a parent! Be sure to visit the PGA Junior Golf Camp website and find the camp closest to you. Give your child the gift of golf this summer!

PGA Junior Golf summer camp

You can learn more about Amber and read additional blogs by checking out her website, and following her on Instagram!

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