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Being a Sport Parent

July 20th, 2022

Sports, on all levels have become a vital part of our everyday life.  From the professional level to the three-year old’s who are enrolled in toddler classes; we have become accustomed to having sport around us.  Many have memories of youth soccer, t-ball, basketball, etc. and hopefully those memories are full of laughs, smiles, positive coaches, lessons learned and supportive family and friends. 
As adults, it is our responsibility to model the behavior in which we want to see in our youth athletes and children.  Many studies have been done on youth sport, why children choose to quit at a young age, and the role adults play in that decision.  Those at The Changing the Game Project have met with countless parents, coaches and athletes and have a goal of properly returning sport to children.  Many of our PGA Directors follow this group, have attended their seminars, etc. and have not only enjoyed their time, but more importantly learned and adapted their way of coaching.  Some now include their articles and education in Parent Workshops for their academies.  We encourage all PGA Junior Golf Camps families to Click Here to learn more!