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PGA Jr. League

March 6th, 2023

Many parents ask, “What should my child do after camp?”  PGA Jr. League is a great “next step,” as it offers a positive, team environment.  PGA Jr. League is shifting the way youth golf is learned and played, including the adoption of league play, team golf and scoring with flags and points.  Behind each and every PGA Jr. League team is a PGA Coach providing a safe, caring and organized environment for every child to become (and stay) a golfer. 


All PGA Jr. League games are played in a two-person scramble format.  This means both players in a pair hit drives. The best shot is selected, then each player plays from the selected spot, and this process continues until the ball is holed.  The scramble format is key in allowing everyone to hit shots and contribute to the team.  Every child can be a golfer; all skill levels are welcome, and no prior golf experience is required to participate in the program.  The PGA Jr. League program is a great next step after camp, as it allows children to be exposed to the course, in a fun, team focused environment. Learn more and find a team at