PGA Junior Golf Camps Blog
Safety and Golf

May 6th, 2020


With emphasis on safety, golf has been touted as a form of recreation to stay active while keeping social distancing and safe.

With golf being played in the outdoors in wide open spaces, golf has inherent factors that make it safer as a way to keep active. From built in social distancing to more, there are other things you can do to play golf safely and responsibly during this time.
  • Maintaining Distance
    • Golf is a sport with built-in distance between participants, making it ideal for social distancing. When out on the course or on the practice areas, golfers should keep a length of at least six feet between each other. With the typical wide-open, outdoor spaces of golf facilities, don't forget to maintain distance while enjoying the fresh air and warmer weather.
  • Clean and Sanitize
    • Be sure to clean and sanitize your hands throughout the round. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag for easy and constant access. Additionally, after each outing, try to clean and sanitize your grips and clubs. 
  • Avoid Contact
    • Golf courses are adapting with new policies. Avoid touching the flagstick. With raised cups and other contactless ways of holing putts out, golfers can still enjoy a round without pulling or touching the pin.
  • Postround Handshakes
    • Instead of the typical handshake at the conclusion of the round, use a contactless method of communication. Whether it's a wave, bow, or other celebration, feel free to express yourself while keeping clean.
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