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“Start With Questions, Finish With Questions”

May 8th, 2019

Tim Fraley is the Director of Instruction at Awbrey Glen Golf Club in Bend, Oregon. As a long time member of the PGA, Coach Tim has been a fixture of junior golf in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. Sign up for Tim's PGA Junior Golf Camps now!



A successful golf lesson starts with getting their attention!  If you are like me, you enjoy teaching so much that it’s easy to ramble on and quickly lose your student’s interest.  With juniors, it’s important to set the tone by asking unexpected questions like:  How was your day at school? Did you watch the basketball game last night?  What did you do last weekend? How much did you practice last week?  Now that you have their attention, the real instruction can begin.  After each class session is completed, I like to ask questions and have the kids repeat topics they’ve learning during the session.  I challenge them to teach what they know to family members to better grasp and retain the material.  It holds them accountable when mom or dad asks them about a skill learned-and they can deliver! 


Parents of junior golfers can use this approach as well. Asking questions and allowing your young athlete to ‘teach’ you is a great opportunity to really solidify what they learned in camp. Not only asking about how their camp was, but asking specific questions like: Have you seen your shot improve? What techniques did learn today? What’s your favorite club to hit?  This is the best way to for you and your young golfer to get the most out of the camp experience.

Want to learn more about Coach Tim? Check out his bio on his PGA Junior Golf Camps location page!


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