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How to Keep the Game Going During Winter

December 11th, 2019

For much of the country, this time of the year is difficult on golfers. Courses are closed, indoor facilities are busy, the temperatures drop lower and lower, and precipitation is a normal occurrence. Here are a few ideas to help keep your game sharp during the winter.


Work on Your Grip

Even when the outdoors is wet or cold, you can always practice one of the most important aspects of the golf swing. After you’re shown a proper grip, practice holding the golf club correctly. Repeat the process of holding the club properly until it’s ingrained in your muscle memory.

Maintaining a good grip is important to good shots, allowing golfers to control the clubface more easily. Since the ball will head in the direction the clubface is pointing at impact, a good grip help maintain a stable clubface, assisting in producing more consistent good shots out on the course.

You can take a golf club and practice this at any time. For instance, while watching TV, practice your grip while sitting down. Grip the club, take your hands off, and re-grip the club. By the time golf season swings by, you’ll have one more element in your swing down pat.

Putt for Dough 

A 300 yard drive straight down the fairway counts the same on the scorecard as a putt, and getting the flatstick going is an essential part to any good round of golf. You can build a solid putting foundation by practicing indoors. Using a putting mat or just your carpet, golfers can repeatedly work on their stance and stroke. You can also improve aim and start line by introducing a target to your putting practice. If you’re on using carpet, a mug can suffice as an appropriate target. You’ll be able to make those testy little knee knockers look like gimmes, and hopefully lower your scores!

Fitness and Strength

 Winter is the perfect time to build the muscles and flexibility in your body. The time you would use on the practice green or driving range can be spent in the gym. With the amount of literature available on golf fitness, you can find the information to tailor your workouts to your specific needs. The benefits of spending time in the gym are plentiful. Improving your strength and flexibility can lead to longer shots. Who doesn’t love hitting a long drive past their playing partners? The benefits of your winter workouts will show up in the spring, leading to more fun out on the links.

Professional Help

Attend one of the winter PGA Junior Golf Camps at participating locations! You’ll be able to have fun and learn golf under the expertise of a PGA Professional!