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Is Your Child Ready for an Advanced Camp?

April 19th, 2022

Parents often ask, “When is my child ready for an advanced/specialty camp?”  Although the answer differs from camper to camper, understanding how to assess your child’s readiness for a higher level of instruction in golf will help ensure success in their journey.  Parents might ask themselves:


My child is playing on the high school golf team and scoring in the 90’s.  She is very passionate about improving, performing better and wants to move up in her team ranking.  She currently has a private coach and takes lessons weekly.  Outside of the golf season, she plays 18 holes regularly.   


This young golfer is a perfect candidate for an advanced or specialty camp.  These programs focus on specific aspects of the game (i.e., long irons, wedge play, putting and course management) and will help her achieve her goal of lowering her scores. 


My child is a standout on his high school golf team and competes in local junior golf tournaments, often placing well.  He has an established golf coach who works on specific aspects of his game, sometimes using technology or training aids.  He designs his strength workouts with golf in mind.  My child regularly scores in the high 80’s or low 90’s on 18 holes. 


This young golfer would not only benefit from advanced and specialty camps but might also consider a competitive edge day camp.


If we consider the stages of youth development, both athletically and cognitively, we as the adults need to remember the advanced/specialty programs should not be taken until a child is ready, both physically and mentally.  


How do we determine if a young player is ready from a physical and mental standpoint?  


Just because your child “loves” golf, has made the high school team and may go on the course with mom or dad to either hit balls or play 9 holes, does not necessarily mean your child is ready for advanced golf programs.  The purpose of a half day or even full day, weeklong camp is to teach basic golf skills, which is a crucial first step and should not be skipped.  It is our goal to set our youth golfers up for success.  We want them to love the game and understand it takes time.  If you child is enjoying the game, finding success in learning basic skills and exhibiting a desire to play or even train regularly, you are on your way!  It is so very important to remember rushing the process is not the answer; take it step by step and enjoy the journey.  For more information on basic program progression, please take a look at the PGA Junior Golf Camps Programs on our website or talk to your local PGA Professional. For a full list of Advanced Camps please CLICK HERE.